Renaissance Has Begun by Saima Rashid

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They call our homeland a beast of beauty. It is somebody’s obsession and other’s desperation. Amid the claims and counter claims, they have reduced natives into a laughing stock.

They think, they are tritons among the minnows. But there is something, they must know: Boston Tea Party is truism even today!

In the heart of their hearts, they think: Kashmiris deserve their dungeon. And then, they call us one among them. Their method has, indeed, lost all madness.

Once inside mountains; souls from the nations ballooned in billions use choicest adjectives to describe what they call “heaven on earth”. By the way, folks, shall I ask something straight from the horse’s mouth? It is something, which is really making me feel a bit schizophrenic! Shall, I? OK, let me ask: make it a dreadful garrison of the world by stationing over 700000 troops here and then—OMG! They still call it heaven. “Hell with it,” this is how my peers sum up their perception.

And then heed to their farce: you should better salute the rising sun. This assertion invigorates a bygone blow. You know, they thought: Titanic was not made to drown. But then, when that iceberg hit it, it sank all dreams and perished all egos.

So, what is the point to quote history? You may ask, right? Alright, hear this out: they have a saffron harbinger as their messiah now. He talks loud like that Italian fascist, who is now an obscure figure of history. Nature suggests: what rises, has to set. So stop coercing these bigot logic.

And yes, such a great respect they have for us—that they make every effort to cut our feathers, tear us apart and mow us down. Only a fortnight back, my philosopher friend had his nightmare under Delhi’s scorched sun. He got his burns when some of his fanatics in the skin of friends jabbed him hard on his belly for recounting India’s ‘noble mission’ in Kashmir. That fellow—since then, is feeling sick of all dialogues.

Well, I told the poor fellow: “Look, through whispers they engaged our moderates and then, exposed them in public for talking to them. Shrug off, mate. Habitual offenders can’t be labeled as true patrons.”

But yes, it is no nice feeling when your dear one faces their music. As a matter of fact, they have always used their music to bridge the gap! Last time when my cousin heard mad verses and tunes of that Punjabi rapper, yo yo Honey Singh, she quipped: “His toxic tunes are discrediting honey, my dear. What disgrace, gawaya!” I didn’t know how to respond. I said what I often say on such occasions, “whatever!”

Anyway, on page number 235 of their holy law book, it is written, “It is their right to fiddle with life.”


About the Author

An aspiring writer, Saima Rashid is studying Journalism from a City College in Srinagar and can be reached at