Me a blue tent

Standing and sheltering

Tragic souls from the chilling dew

Standing for to irrigate

The moist cheek with the sweat of hopes!

The Blue sky, replica of mine

And so is the night of emotion

Oh! Mahasaya1!

Don’t think me the twins of blue emotion

I am the saint

Paused in between sorrow and screams

Don’t make me the background curtain of your selfie!

I am the Krishna2

Alone Krishna after the Kurukshetra3

Bringing rhododendron on face with bravery

Oh! Mahasaya!

Don’t think me the bivouac

Fixed on the way to adventurous trekking

I am the brick

To fill the gap of broken hearts

Don’t think the roof of elite’s meeting hall!

Me the traveler of the sky

Chanting the chant to stop the death

Oh! Mahasaya!

Don’t think me as tools to legalize your helicopter tour

Don’t make people to stand

With Khada4 and garland to welcome me!

I am the blue tent

Came with empathy

To touch the feet of screaming infant

Oh! Mahasaya!

Don’t invite your love here

With overflowing emotions

I am the tent, came to cry with ruined souls

Don’t make me the canvas to decorate

I am the foundation

Foundation of shelter of crying souls!


  1. Meaning of sir in Nepali language.
  2. Hindu lord.
  3. War between Pandava & Kaurava described in epic Mahabharat.
  4. One type of traditional Nepali souvenir.


About the Poet

 bishnuBishnu Pokharel is Nepali journalist, writer & poet. He has decade long journalism experience in various news organizations of Nepal. This poem is translated from his original work in Nepali. [email protected]