I do not mind when others do it
I mean i do mind
But i prefer to turn a deaf ear
When they say that
I can’t stand it
When poets choose to be so dumb
Being poets yourselves
Don’t you know how much it takes
To write each of the lines?
Then what’s wrong if there are more poets than crows
In Dhaka
In Kolkata
In London
In New York
In Paris
Or in any damn place on this earth?
Deep inside
We all are poets
If not humans
And something that you label as trash
May very well be
Among someone’s favourite lines
To write on the first page of a book
That he wants to present to
His beloved

About the Poet


Quamrul Hassan is a poet, journalist and sports-writer based in Dhaka. His ‘Spring Moon’ is the first ever book of English haiku by a Bangladeshi. After stints at The Daily Star, Daily Sun and New Age, he is now working for Prothom Alo as a senior sub-editor. Quamrul is a senior member of the performance poetry group “Unstable Poets”, backed by the British Council as well.