There was once a girl who lived near the ocean. At night she loved to walk along the ocean shore and gaze at the moon and stars. She wished the nights would last forever. So it was that whenever the sun rose in the morning the girl felt a sadness and a joy in her heart. She was sad to see the moon and stars leave, but waited joyfully for the night to return.

One early morning while the sun was rising, the girl sat beside the sea shore and wept. “Oh how I wish the moon never had to leave me.” Her voice caught the sun by surprise. “What is the matter dear girl? Whatever is wrong, I can dry your tears,” said the Sun. “I guess you could dry my tears, but it would not make my heart feel any better,” said the girl. “Awe, but I am the Sun, I am able to gladden anyone’s heart! My rays are more powerful than the cloudy overcast sky,” said the Sun. “It does not seem that I could ever be glad,” replied the girl.

“I always walk the shore at night to enjoy the moon and stars. I don’t have any friends or a family that loves me. That is why the night is my favorite part of the day. At night the stars are my friends and perhaps the moon is my mother. I don’t really know if it is true, but I like to think it is because it brings me comfort.” The girl crossed her arms and looked down at the ground. She saw her shadow and ran under a palm tree. Why do you cast your light upon me and reveal my shadow? Your light harms me, it burns my skin. It hurts my eyes. You are too bright to look at Mr. Sun. I want my moon!”

The sun was very displeased to hear the girl’s complaint and hid himself behind a cloud. “Sorry dear, but it is only my nature and I cannot help it,” he replied. “However, if you insist then I can help you make your wish come true,” he continued. “Really? How can you do it,” asked the girl. “Through the attic in the sky. Climb this cloud that I send down to you and open the attic door. At the top of the cloud will appear a box made of my light rays. It is the attic in the sky. Find its door and open it to climb inside. Then you will forever be in darkness so you can always see the moon and stars.” The girl lifted her head and a smile grew on her face ear to ear. Then she shook her head, “But that is impossible. Only a fool would believe that answer. No one can climb a cloud.” “No one except for those that I permit to climb a cloud,” said the Sun. “Oh, I see, well I guess if you put it that way. Alright, then I will go to this attic to be with the moon and stars.”

The Sun rolled down a cloud and the girl began to climb it. “If you ever want out of the attic there is only one way to escape it. You have to clap your hands and then I will appear to you,” said the Sun. However, the girl paid no more attention to the Sun’s words. Instead, she ran up the cloud as fast as she could run. At the top of the cloud she saw the bright cubical box the Sun had described. When she found the door, she immediately opened it and stepped foot onto thin air. At first it was as if she was walking through pure light, but the more she walked the darker everything around her became. Soon another light became visible to her eyes and she rejoiced at once when she recognized it was the Moon. Following the sight of the Moon, she gazed at the stars in the sky.

Since the attic was in the sky the floor was misty and airy. However, there was no ocean for her to admire. One thing the girl loved most was to gaze at the moon’s reflection in the ocean. Its reflection in the water made her feel so much closer to the Moon. Moreover, everything was strangely quiet. There were no chirping crickets or humming locust. It saddened the girl that the sounds of nature were gone, especially the ocean waves. The sounds of nature she always enjoyed as a kind of music that fed her soul when she spent time with the moon and stars.

After several hours had passed the girl began to wish she could have a drink of water. Then she began to think how she would ever be able to eat again. This scared the girl and she began to wish that she could see the Sun again. She knew that the Sun helped all of the earth grow. All the green plants bent toward his light. However, she had not been so fond of the sun. He gave her sunburns and some people he had even received skin cancer from him. “Even if he does do a lot of good he is still very harmful to mankind,” the girl said to herself. The girl walked about looking up at the moon whenever she said anything. Then she would stop and stare at the moon as if she waited for the moon to reply back. There was never an answer. Nonetheless, the girl continued in her thoughts, listing many of the Sun’s good benefits as well as his short comings.

The girl raised her hands and lifted her voice to the sky “Oh how perplexed I have become over the Moon and the Sun!” Then she sighed. “The moon has never harmed anyone. She is a soft light.” Upon hearing the words, the girl frowned. She realized the moon would never yield any food to her stomach. This made her angry and she accused the moon of murder. If she knew how to do anything she would give a man a slow agonizing death. Soon the girl rubbed her hands and arms and realized she had become very cold. “Oh, if only the sun were here,” she cried. “If I were to stay here the moon will freeze me to death. She does not give any warmth to my body.”

The girl looked up into the sky and saw the stars shooting across the sky. She imagined they were playing a game like hide and seek. It looked fun, but she did not know how to play the game. “Maybe I could join if they noticed me dancing,” said the girl. So the girl got up, closed her eyes and danced about as she had often enjoyed doing. Slowly her dark world grew brighter as one star at a time floated near her body. When the girl noticed the stars hovering around her, she stopped dancing to take a better look at them.

However, the stars pulled away while others immediately scattered back into the sky. “Oh, do not be shy, I want to be your friend,” cried the girl. After saying this she began to weep. Some stars were curious and brave. They approached the girl and said, “What is the matter? We love your dancing. Why did you stop and try to capture us?” “I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to make some friends in this dark world. I’m afraid I have locked myself in this attic and will never get out.” “Dance with us,” said a group of stars. We will dance with you.

“Really, do you mean it?” said the girl. “Yes, let’s dance,” said a small star and he began to shine his light about and roll around. After that all the stars began to dance and it made the girl happy so she too decided to dance. The more they danced the more the girl forgot about being in a dark world. Pretty soon it seemed to her that she could really hear music. Then she noticed that the galaxies of stars light years away were singing. All sorts of colorful lights, pink, purple, blues and reds surrounded the galaxies. These colorful stars blinked their lights extremely fast to act as a strobe light for everyone dancing. It made the girl want to sing as well. The girl moved her body about every which way and began singing whatever came to mind. After a while she had her own song that played repeatedly in her mind. It was a glorious time. The best part was when the moon started to dance. Everyone called it the Moon Walk.

Later, the girl became tired from dancing so she sat down to rest. She felt the need to sleep and afterwards eat a good breakfast. A few stars came to the girl and said, “Come dance with us. It is so much fun.” “No, I cannot dance any longer. I am too tired. I must rest and I need to eat so my body can recover,” said the girl. The stars spread the awful news to the rest of the stars. “She says she needs rest and will have to eat something.” “But we have no food to give her,” the stars said to one another. “And where does one lay their head to rest in a place like this in the sky? We do not have to lay our heads down.” The girl’s eyes grew bigger and she became terrified as worry raced through her mind. “Oh what must I do! This is not the way a night like this should end,” pleaded the girl.

All the while the stars were huddled in a group discussing with each other. “No, that is not right. It will never work. She is a human.” “It is worth a shot.” “What kind of a starry host idea is that,” said another. “Quiet, all of you, I will tell a story,” said an old star. “Now, listen to me young girl,” said the old star as he approached her slowly. “There is an old story that goes like this. There was a man who lived on the Earth. It is said that he invented a small sun or stars if you will. The sand of the sea gave itself up to the lightning to be transformed into glass. You know what man did with the glass? He turned it into small suns or stars. These are strange stars to us though. Man has the power to turn the stars on and off. It was once said after they were created that if man clapped his hands the stars would turn on. Might you clap your hands and return home? I mean, it was always dark for man without those small stars, but if he wanted to see again he just clapped his hands. Might you do the same?” The girl nodded her head and said, “I understand. I will try clapping.”

With this in mind the girl clapped her hands at once and suddenly she found herself on the seashore. The sun was in midday and he looked down upon her. “I was wrong about you, Mr. Sun. There are some traits I do not like about you, but it is equally true about the moon,” said the girl, cupping her hand over her eyes to look up at him. “However, if I had to choose between you or the moon, then it must be you. No matter how great the night is to me, you serve humanity the greater qualities of life. You are better than the moon. I should have never been so hard on you.” “No child, you need both the moon and the sun. My light is for energy, to give man light to work during the day. The moon is for dimming the sky so man can rest. Enjoy my sun rays, but when my day has ended, return to the moon. When you rest at night her stars will watch over you.”



About the Author


I was Born and raised in Ohio. Graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies. I enjoy writing short fantasy stories for kids. My rich and vivid imagination inspires me to write stories. Everyone wants to express themselves and be heard; I prefer to do it through writing. I appreciate F. Scott Fitzgerald’s words when he said, “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”