Illustration done by Arpan Roy

Illustration by Arpan Roy


I went on looking for the Goddess of Uniqueness nights after nights. At last, on the last day of our latest winter, I met her. She had been wandering along a lonely river and her eyes were no more shining like stars. So I started the conversation expressing my surprise regarding her extinguished eyes instead of complaining as I had planned.

She, as usual, showed no sign of paying heed to what I was asking; just looked at the dark tree behind me and smiled. As she was about to leave, I started complaining against her… The moment I finished, her eyes once again turned into some unbearable stars of fire. She looked into my eyes for the last time. And spoke to me in the saddest tone I have ever heard….

‘I was roaming in your village the night you were born and heard you crying. It seemed to be the happiest human sound. So I cursed you to remain unique until you die. In this whole world there is only a river who feels almost like you. If you two can love each other, again you will be as happy as you were born. Already your tears have reached its water. But the river hated your smell.’


About the Author


Abdullah Al Muktadir is a Bangaldeshi poet and fiction writer. He is currently working as Lecturer in English Language & Literature at Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh. Muktadir studied at the University of Dhaka and was an active a member of Brine Pickles, a group of Bangladeshi creative writers in English. In February 2016, his first book, a collection of Bangla poems titled Anya Ganger Gaan, Samudrasaman, was published from Dhaka.