Vibhishana gets sanctuary


Vibhishana’s Plea:

My own brother by birth, 

Threw me out of his earth,

And here I stand before you.


Renouncing the kingdom, my prison,

Even my family, I’ve finally arisen 

And now here I stand before you.


I seek your safe sanctuary,

Where I can be safe and free,

I pray you, don’t abandon me.


Sugriva’s doubt:

By birth he belongs to a breed –

Wicked, lusty and full of greed.

Can not trust them. Don’t admit him.


Don’t even think of trusting them,

These Rakshasa whom we all condemn.

Consider well, don’t admit him.


Raama’s final word:

How can I reject someone in strife?

It is against the very law of my life.

I’ve to accept anyone who shelter seeks.


Understand Sugriva, there is a stronger reason,

I’ve to accept him and the past is forgotten

When someone surrenders, even if it’s Ravana.


I may get deceived but always shall I forgive,

Mercy in my veins shall ever flow till I live.

Don’t make him wait. Go now and fetch Vibhishana!


Shurpanakha’s Jealousy


Her eyes lovely like that of a fish,

And in them she had a wild wish,

Like air she wandered in the wood,

To forget her sorrow and solitude.


Her eyes fell on the lotus-eyed

Ascetic who’d his tresses tied,

With passionate dreams of love,

Her longing feet started to move.


The ascetic had won her eager heart,

Alas! Pain of rejection tore it apart.

The darling daughter of the mighty soil

Stood between ‘him and her’ like a foil.


“Cruel are the ways of love”, she cried

For which she’d to be mockingly cast aside

Her carefree bosoms kindled in thirsty fire,

She didn’t care for a consequence dire.


The jealousy of a rejected beauty

Broke the boundaries of womanly duty.

The start of end she decided to embrace,

To counter the other woman’s face and grace.  



About the Poet

A little unlikely for his profession of an IT Consultant, Debasis Tripathy is passionate about words, rhythm and rhyming. He started writing seriously a little late but since then within a short span, he already has had his poetry and fiction featured with journals like ‘Muse India’, eFiction India’, ‘Indian Ruminations’, ‘Different Truths’ and ‘Indian Review’. His heart wants to travel places but to make a living he resides in Bangalore, where he is a married man with a clever son who asks difficult questions.