We had trouble deciding if we should tag this collection as photography or a photo story. In reality these are images and text; but they also do tell some kind of a story. Or stories. Multiple stories – sometimes appearing to be in sync, sometimes going in different directions. But what catches our eye is that they exist, around us. They contain traces of lives and thoughts of people who exist alongside us. And we may never know them or meet them, the traces we see, we experience. Imran Firdaus documents these traces. He prefers to call this series a process, a process that is still ongoing. We agree with that, while we also think this is a story, yet unfinished. And an urban myth, still in the making.

– PR

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Text is everywhere. Text is nuisance. Text is document… and so on. These texts sometimes beg for our attention, sometimes skip away from our views, and sometimes alter our understanding of the landscape. It is not mandatory that these shapes of texts shape the course we contact with our urban surroundings. Most of the time people overlook these texts as they are habituated to overlook anything that is not mainstream. But in a way these texts are proclaiming there are some folks who belong to this city whom we don’t know, whom we never meet. They are the phantom characters of this wannabe urban city called Dhaka. These images are taken from different places of Dhaka. Some of these texts are code language, some of romantic, some are non-conformist and some are satirical. But one thing is common, these texts do not contain the writers’ name or these are open-context text, anyone can interpret these in any way they want or perceive. These texts are not only interesting for its message but also eye-catching from orthographic perspective. This orthographic representation also shows the unclaimed, underground communities’ stylistics and verve. I am just showcasing a very tiny portion of urban text-log here, a vast world yet to be photographed. 

– Imran Firdaus






About the Artist

Imran Firdaus is a Film Researcher, Visual Artist and Art Organizer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been a facilitator, trainer, researcher for various workshops related to filmmaking and film appreciation in Dhaka. Currently he is doing his second masters in media arts and production at University of Technology Sydney. Imran writes extensively on film, photography, art and music in…well…in any ‘writable space’ from blogs to newspapers, magazines and books.

https://imranfirdaus.wordpress.com/ | [email protected]