When I Met an Angel She Was On a Subway Car by Allison Grayhurst

Dyed, dull blonde,
roots showing, hunched
over, more than middle age.
No conversation, but
a half smile, a slight nod and
looking affectionately, in my mind saying,
“You should already know
God is here, present when you have no
strength to even ask or search, when both sides
of the tunnel are blocked and the only
way out is up, through loose earth and an inevitable
collapse. God is here, you know,
I am.
How many times do I have to be obvious
to re-kindle your faith?
How many times have I loved you,
drenching you with miracles,
sending you to the depths to find flight,
sending you to a choice of yes or no, so you can
I love you – where trusting me is loving me
is all there is left always to do?”
When I met an angel, she was on a subway car,
temporarily normal – at once
personal, at once divine.

About the Poet

alisonAllison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She has over 600 poems published in more than 300 international journals. She has eleven published books of poetry, seven collections, seven chapbooks and a chapbook pending publication. She lives in Toronto with her family. She also sculpts, working with clay. Her work can be seen at www.allisongrayhurst.com  . Some of places my work has appeared in include Parabola (Alone & Together print issue summer 2012); Literary Orphans; Blue Fifth Review; The American Aesthetic; Agave Magazine; South Florida Arts Journal; Gris-Gris; The Muse – An International Journal of Poetry, Storm Cellar, New Binary Press Anthology; The Brooklyn Voice; Straylight Literary Magazine (print); The Milo Review; Foliate Oak Literary Magazine; The Antigonish Review; Dalhousie Review; The New Quarterly; Wascana Review; Poetry Nottingham International; The Cape Rock; Ayris; Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry; The Toronto Quarterly; Fogged Clarity, Boston Poetry Magazine; Decanto; White Wall Review.

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