Poems by Adyasha Das

Thoughts of Sky   My constant companion, you azure sky Teaching me the mantra of life A parikrama of  the journey on earth Through endless trials and tribulations

Poems by Ajise Vincent

METAMORPHOSIS III   Like a connoisseur revamping a Bard’s manuscript, Let me edit the scribbles of your he(art),

Poems by Dalton Souvato Heera

SHAHJADEE   Ooh, dear, I’d forgotten the aroma carried by a Armenian “marchandea’, and the Tuzuk bai with their longed hoofed ponytail heres over!

Poems by Fotis Nikolaou

Heliopause   At the end of a blue giant’s life, an alien and a spaceman migrate to an American –football- shaped galaxy. At the point of no return, they must continue their journey in order to survive.