Poems by Kimberly Cunningham

Voicing It A voice of a song bird cannot be muted just because it’s storming. The song must be sung anyway.

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What is it like? by Anika Shah

What is it like

Like I can’t breathe Like the air doesn’t reach my lungs Like the lump in my throat chokes me Like my heart is buried under a mountain

Mayhem In The Mangroves by Tasnima Yasmin

Mayhem In The Mangroves

I (This is a narrative poem in four parts written from the perspective of a long- term resident of the Sundarbans whose livelihood is wrecked by the recent Cyclone Amphan. In the time of an ongoing pandemic it is a calamity upon a calamity.) I grabbed the rope,As I neared the shore,And threw its working… Continue reading Mayhem In The Mangroves by Tasnima Yasmin

This Life by Peycho Kanev

I put my heart into my mother’s coffin and now it throbs under the ground. All the letters I sent to my first love returned unread in my mailbox