Impact of Indian Classical Music on La Monte Young’s Drone Music by Imran Firdaus

Abstract As per the title, the aim of the research report is to explore and examine the relation and impact of Indian classical music on drone music concept via La Monte Young’s practice and state of contemporary ambient music. La Monte Young is recognized as one of the early minimalist and experimentalist composers in post… Continue reading Impact of Indian Classical Music on La Monte Young’s Drone Music by Imran Firdaus

Poems by Chador Wangmo

Paw Prints in My Heart   A small bundle of black Wagging his pointy white-tipped tail Conquered my heart When I was five.   “No strays!” My mom had yelled Little did she know how I felt Knowing he wasn’t mine to keep.   Cardboard boxes and old gunny bags On my tippy toes I… Continue reading Poems by Chador Wangmo

Poems by Adefolami Ademola

god, too, is bisexual   one sweltering saturday, when the verdant sky still had its translucent light god woke, aroused, groggy from creation and craving the luscious feel of masculine touches he created, in his own image, for his sexual orgies a man, blessed with the handsome features of supreme beings and the gift of… Continue reading Poems by Adefolami Ademola

Poems by David Subacchi

A Secret Revealed    They asked who you were  But I didn’t know;  A classical beauty  Sculpted in white  Looking down  Over the pool.    For a while we swapped  Names of ancient gods  Half remembered  From school days,  But there was no agreement;  The sun burned    Until everyone  Entered the water  To cool… Continue reading Poems by David Subacchi

Poems by Simon Perchik

No Title * Without a father or a mother this silence longs for home the way far-off rocks come by to soothe you bit by bit and stay   turn your gravestone pointing east where west should be, round and around smoothing the Earth for the wind   over and over writing your name in… Continue reading Poems by Simon Perchik

Poems by Iris Orpi

Love Me Vintage   There is always time for beauty, for kisses and for getting lost forever in the circuitous side streets of sequins and sepia. I have devoted myself, see, to these mason jars of sunshine and stained glass windows that remind me a little of the way gentleness colors the silence when you… Continue reading Poems by Iris Orpi

Poems by Linda M. Crate

when i lost you   love doesn’t always have to be a tragedy, but it seems i find the knives of imperfect mates that twist and whirl inside of me like a wicked dark magic; i wish i could find the right chemistry to heal my bruised and broken heart—but there is no potion nor… Continue reading Poems by Linda M. Crate