Poems by Tola Ijalusi

the evil ONE I know the evil one that strays you away, tell tiny true tales that leading you to death, whose wickedness betrays paradise. I know the evil one and will show you. Explore the mirror clap your eyes it isn’t him, it isn’t her, it is you. Daresay,    the evil one is… Continue reading Poems by Tola Ijalusi

Poem by Kristi Kar

Love in the Time of Black Death   Doctors are said to have beautiful hands. Clean, white, and with long thin fingers, embalming the deaths as they happen. Transparent nails leaving crescent marks on the necks of lovers and concubines and sometimes carelessly on dead bodies in the post mortem room. Pretending to cure them… Continue reading Poem by Kristi Kar

Poems by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Flock of Morose                           (spiraling abecedarian)                                     Barbaric                 beaks         cackling                 crows         descend           darkening        ebony               eclipse.        Feathered

Poems by Joe Albanese

dream, a me   we’re connected – me and me and me and me that’s why I’m always there… always the main player

Poems by Haris Adhikari

Between the Walls   On both sides       they are, erected           to the infinite– W A L L S          that do not answer so many          a question.