Queens of Syria : Documenting Memory Through Theatre by Siba Barkataki

« The film follows 50 women from Syria, who were forcibly exiled in Jordan. They came together in autumn 2013 to create and perform their own version of The Trojan Women, the ancient Greek tragedy about the plight of women during war. » This little introduction in a daily newspaper was incentive enough for me to watch… Continue reading Queens of Syria : Documenting Memory Through Theatre by Siba Barkataki

Poems by David Subacchi

A SECRET REVEALED    They asked who you were  But I didn’t know;  A classical beauty  Sculpted in white  Looking down  Over the pool.    For a while we swapped  Names of ancient gods  Half remembered  From school days,  But there was no agreement;  The sun burned    Until everyone  Entered the water  To cool… Continue reading Poems by David Subacchi

Poems by Lana Bella

NOW SILENTLY AS   December sun appears a mile up  the hill, jerking its long, thin chain  like a penance. The fourth-pint weight of you husks into center of bones, too slender in the treachery of snow casting threads to wind. Much about egrets dragging from dust storm and ocean, shrug off sorrows on the hunt… Continue reading Poems by Lana Bella

Poems by Victoria Crawford

The Audible   Consider the heart as a guide hand to chest, feel its question. Truth flows a wellspring inside deafened by noise congestion.   Ears caulked by a million voices, cacophony’s stunning scream blocks inspiration of choices, whispering of love —a dream.   Integrate spirit and soul, they must be read and received, spirit’s… Continue reading Poems by Victoria Crawford

Poem by M. A. Istvan

On a Supposed Proof for God   Argument   If the term “God” means anything at all, then “God” in the least means what is real, what exists. The term “God” does mean something. Therefore, the term “God” in the least means what is real, what exists—in which case God exists.   Rationale for premise… Continue reading Poem by M. A. Istvan

Poems by Srinjay Chakravarti

TRANSCENDENCE   Bells peal atop Forever Mountain: Sonorous hymns of dawn. Birds scatter from the trees As the echoes ripple away.   A priest sweeps away dust and shadows From the temple’s mosaiced quadrangle. Latticed windows pattern, Shloka by shloka, A hieratic weave of calligraphy On the sanctum’s marble floor.   In the opaline pool… Continue reading Poems by Srinjay Chakravarti