Safe Harbor by Kitta MacPherson

            The building roars and rumbles as the school’s “Group” period ends. Hundreds of teenage boys stream out of classrooms and into hallways, pushing, taunting, humming, poking, laughing, chatting. Brother Asiel and I are salmons swimming against the hallway’s tide. As the teenage boys of St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in… Continue reading Safe Harbor by Kitta MacPherson

Early Bird by Eve Lyons

              Joseph came here every morning, but he had never seen the hawk. Other clients had told him about it, but he had never seen it for himself. He was smoking a cigarette, waiting for his weekly therapist’s appointment, when something big and brown swooped down over his head and snatched a baby squirrel… Continue reading Early Bird by Eve Lyons

Poems by Denise Sedman

Under the Influence of Depression: Group Meetings   We signed a confidentiality agreement, so, if you think you know us you really don’t!   Regulating, medicating, and suffocating   You said, “I’m depressed.” How depressed are you? “I am so depressed I cannot go one minute without saying I’m depressed.”   Climb out of your… Continue reading Poems by Denise Sedman

Poems by Kara Goughnour

Pumpkin Carving   My lover looks expectant, I think he should throw out the knife stowed   in the wastebasket, broken over pumpkin carving.   I wonder if pulling orange seeds is like pulling intestines   from split-skin stomach– blades stuck in dirt to fall on, shaking   in haunted playgrounds where we went for… Continue reading Poems by Kara Goughnour