Living flame —or— How it feels to be on fire and Coronation by Roy Duffield

Living flame —or— How it feels to be on fire I resemble you              like one   resembles one billion.               We both move                        and breathe                                grow                        and eat                                fuck

The Hip-Hop Dance  by YI JUNG CHEN

Popping, Locking, Boogaloo, you do the Kris Kross movement in front of me, showing your talents in raps, protests the marginalized status you’re in.

HAIBUN by Nishi Pulugurtha

  The light blue sky turns dull and grey all of a sudden. Stillness around that disturbs. As it envelopes everything, there is a lull that haunts. The cawing of a crow on its way home breaks the silence for a while. It comes back again.

I Need an Eraser By J Alam

Mayhem In The Mangroves

[The poet doesn’t expect the readers to read the sections of the poem as they are arranged. It is the readers’ privilege to choose anyway they like] (5) [Sine Die] The swans play here at                        Mexico Bay While            the… Continue reading I Need an Eraser By J Alam

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Poems by John Grey

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

THE CALMING OF A FEAR I was dwarfed by the big chair I sat in, reading a book, as the sun slowly set, taking the words with it.

Poems by Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

Monologue at the Thanksgiving Table     Think about it this way Nobody wants to return home to a house cradling an inferno like a child With charred images around the dinner table mistaking the smoke for an aroma of something good

Poems by Gavin Bourke

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

The Longest Struggle   In life, wrapped in pink bubble-wrap and hardship. Wearing the marks of child-rearing from fairly young age.